Monday Morning Offering 2/25

    Image: George Mendoza








We're in the second week of Lent, Lord,
and I thought I'd offer this morning,
for your consideration,
some questions I often ponder...

Sometimes things happen, Lord,
(or fail to happen)
and I'm left wondering:
    where are you?
    why don't you intervene?
    why don't you make things different?

Those times, those questions,
    stick in my mind
    and lodge in my heart
    and I scratch my head
        in wonder - and disappointment... 

I think about these things, Lord - often...

Unfortunately, I don't pay near enough attention
to all the times I might be grateful
grateful for what's happened - or failed to happen:
    the times I owe you thanks and praise
        for just your being there;
    for your Spirit moving in my life,
        and showing me the way;
    for the growth and change I came to know
        through my hope and trust in you...
So, please help me, Lord,
    help me not miss a moment today
        when your arm's reaching 'round my shoulder,
        your hand's intervening with grace,
        and life's just a little bit brighter
        when I see through eyes of faith...
And should something happen (or fail to happen)
and I wonder again where you are:
    help me remember
        you never forget me,
        you're always beside me,
        your strength lifts me up,
        your word is my wisdom,
        you dwell in my heart
        so all shall be well,
        yes, all manner of things 
        shall be well... 

I offered you my questions, Lord, 
    and I'm grateful for the many ways 
        you've helped me sort them out...
Now I offer all that's yet to come,
    my  troubles and my joys,
and my thanks for how you'll guide me
    in the week that lies ahead...




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  1. Such lovely, beautiful and hope-filled words during times of struggle and internal pain. Thank you 🙏🏻


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