NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 2/19

I know there are folks, Lord,
who find it difficult, hard, nearly impossible
to trust in you and in your word and in your promise...
They're not without faith, Lord!
They believe in you, they love you
    and they pray to you
but, oh, they know so well
    the burdens they carry,
    the problems they face,
    the doubt that confounds them,
    the poverty they live,
    the pain they bear,
    the loneliness that breaks them,
    the losses they've sustained,
    the rejection they've experienced,
    the cloud of grief that shrouds them,
    and the fear that stalks and robs them 
        of  their hope of peace and joy...

They know all of this so well, Lord:
    in memories that just won't fade,
    in thoughts they can't let go,
    in their daily hidden struggle
        with anxiety and stress,
and in the haunting fear that somehow
    you've forgotten them, you've missed them,
        that they've slipped beyond your reach,
    that the peace that others savor
        may never come their way...
For these I pray tonight, Lord, 
    especially in Lent.
I pray your grace will open them 
to all the ways you seek 
    to heal them and to hold them
        in your strong and loving arms;
    to strengthen and to bless them
        in ways beyond their dreaming;
    to assure them and console them
        in the warmth of your embrace;
    to open wide their eyes and hearts
        to all the ways you're with them;
    to help them know, without a doubt,
        their every prayer is heard,
    that they're in your constant care,
        that you never leave their side
    especially in times so hard 
       it seems almost impossible,
            to trust that you are there...
I pray for these, my friends, Lord,
    who struggle day and night
to find, to know and fall
    into your healing arms, your peace...

(And, Lord, I'm praying here especially
    for those who'll read these words
 and worry still that somehow
    they're meant for everyone else...)
Break through what holds them bound, Lord
    - free them to rest in your embrace;
help them know your love and favor, 
    restore their trust and hope in you...

Protect us, Lord while we're awake
    and watch over us while we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
    and asleep, rest in your peace...

Given the theme of tonight's prayer, it wasn't easy to find a song
to fit the theme - but I believe this piece comes very close and that
it will be helpful for all gathered here in our virtual chapel... 

Lord, From Sorrows Deep I Call by Matt Papa
    performed by Keith and Kristyn Getty
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Lord, from sorrows deep I callWhen my hope is shakenTorn and ruined from the fallHear my desperationFor so long I've pled and prayedGod come to my rescueEven so the thorn remainsStill my heart will praise You
Storms within my troubled soulQuestions without answersOn my faith these billows rollGod, be now my shelterWhy are you cast down my soul?Hope in Him who saves youWhen the fires have all grown coldCause this heart to praise You
Should my life be torn from me?Every worldly pleasureWhen all I possess is griefGod be then my treasureBe my vision in the nightBe my hope and refuge'Til my faith is turned to sightLord, my heart will praise You
And oh, my soul put your hope in GodMy help, my rock, I will praise HimSing, oh, sing through the raging stormYou're still my God, my salvation
And oh, my soul put your hope in GodMy help, my rock, I will praise HimSing, oh, sing through the raging stormYou're still my God, my salvation




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