Monday Morning Offering: 3/18

Morning Coffee by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

I'm praying on your word, Lord:
    I will place my law within them, 
       and write it upon their hearts; 
    I will be their God,
       and they shall be my people...

        - Jeremiah 31  

I know it's there, Lord:
   I know your law's within me,  
      you've autographed my heart;
   you've engraved your law, your word of love,
      inside my soul and on my mind... 

With your name inscribed you claim me as your own:
   your child, your image, your work of art divine...

I'm branded with your word, your love 
   and so your word of love becomes:
      the law by which I'm called to live;
      the decree by which I make decisions;
      the statute guiding all my choices;
      the rule by which I measure what is good 
         and what is not...

And yet...  
   and yet, Lord, I often fail to live by just that word,
      that love, that law so intimately written by your hand,
  so personally inscribed for me to read and learn, 
     to know and follow...

I will place my law within them, 
   and write it upon their hearts; 
I will be their God,
   and they shall be my people...

It takes centuries for tides to wear down boulders
   but only months, or weeks or only days
        before my pride begins 
   to wear against the letter, then the spirit of your law
       so beautifully, carefully scriven 
           in the marrow of my being...

My pride, fears and sins,
   my self-pity and my selfishness 
began to smooth away the words, the law I once knew well
   and recognized as guidance from your hand,
      written close to home where I might always find it... 

My own desires draw my eyes from reading carefully
   what you'd written to instruct me,
      to teach me where your way leads,
         to show me how to walk in faith with you
             and walk in peace with those whose paths I share...

And so come times when I forget
   what you've so plainly written on my heart,
when my conscience calls but I ignore its voice
   and close my mind and heart
     to what I know is true, is just, is fair
        and is what you desire of me...
So today I offer you my heart, Lord:
   refresh your word, your love, your law 
      inscribed upon my heart;
   renew your signature, your name, your claim 
      upon my soul;
   inscribe again your wisdom, 
      etched in my mind's thoughts
   to guide how I decide and choose, measure and discern
         what’s good and true and holy, 
            and all that comes from you…

I will place my law within them, 
   and write it upon their hearts; 
I will be their God,
   and they shall be my people...





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