NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 3/2

I came across this online, Lord,
    and it stopped me in my tracks...
One thing I know
   is that I don't know everything.
But what about the things I say I do know?
What don't I yet know - what can I not know -
    about all the things
         I think I know? 

(And all this is assuming that 
    of what I know - I know the truth -
        or at least a partial truth...)

And to answer the question in the meme, Lord:
    Yes, I know there are limits to my knowledge
        so in that sense I know what I don't know.
    But I don't always know precisely 
        where those limits are
     and so sometimes I may think I know 
        more than I do know, more than I can know
    and some of what I know, what I think I know,
        may not be true - or be less than the truth
            I think it to be...

Which brings me back to the beginning, Lord,
    One think I know
        is that I don't know everything...

I do know, Lord, and I have faith in
    what I see and hear and touch and taste and feel
even if my senses sometimes fool me
    in spite of myself and my quest for truth...
I do know, Lord, I have faith
    that you reveal yourself to me
that you desire that I come to know you
    as fully, deeply and completely as possible
though I also know
    I can only know you partially
        for you are always more than I can know...
I do know, Lord, I have faith,
    that you speak your truth to me in your Word
even if your Word's as much a mystery as a message,,
    even though there's always more and more for me to find
        in the Word that you've revealed...
I do know, Lord, I have faith,
    that I can come to know you, to speak to you,
        to hear you and to meet you
in my thoughts and in my prayers,
    in my mind and in my heart,
        in my imagination and my dreams,
and in ways I don't yet know,
    ways in which you'll show me and I'll know
that you are there, that you are here,
    that you're within me and beside, day and night
that I might know you, Lord,
    and know more and more about you all the time...
I do know, Lord, I have faith,
    that in the company of believers
I meet you, come to know you,
    come to learn that as your people
you know us and you love us
    that we might come to love and know you, Lord...
Lord, I know you,
   and I know that you've known me
         since before all time began...
Lord, I know you,
    and I know that there's eternally more,
        for me to know of you.
Lord, I know you,
    help me learn to know what I don't know
        that I may love you more...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
    and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
    and asleep, rest in your peace...

Two songs for reflection this evening: a more upbeat piece from Chris Tomlin and a piece I've offered before, the Getty's simple, lyrical Wisdom of God...
If two videos don't appear below, click here!

The God I Know by Chris Tomlin


The Perfect Wisdom of Our God  by Keith and Kristyn Getty





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