NIGHT PRAYER: Tuesday 4/23

I'm very much aware of how blessed I am to be able to go away for 8 days and, on the Atlantic shore,spend time with the Lord...
I wish you could all come with me!  But since that's not possible, I invite you to join me in spirit and in prayer.  I came across this verse today, Psalm 19:41 
            Lord, let your love come upon me...

Those words capture what I hope will be my experience while on retreat - and you don't need to be away on retreat to pray this with me!

Lord, let your love come upon me, 
    let your love
        envelop me
        cover me
        overshadow me
        guide me
        fill me
        comfort me
        overwhelm me
        engulf me
        anoint me
        quiet me
        caress me
        support me
        heal me
        flood me
        lead me 
        still me
        hold me
        strengthen me
        melt me
        lift me
        challenge me
        anoint me
        inebriate me
        infuse me
        mold me,
        bathe me
        surround me
        seduce me
        grip me
        calm me
        engage me
        embrace me
        feed me
        touch me...
Let your love come upon me
    from above and below
    from my left and my right
    from behind and before me
    from every direction
    from inside and out,
Lord, let your love come upon me... 
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
    and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
    and asleep, rest in your peace...


Away on retreat or at home or at work, God looks upon us with love, always seeking  to touch us, fill us, surround us with love.  Spend some time tonight and over the days ahead, praying, "Lord, let your love come upon me..."

Cover Me, Lord  by Andrew Culverwell

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Cover me Lord
    with your presence
Cover me Lord
    with your righteousness
Cover me Lord
    with your Holiness
Lord Jesus
    cover me
I need your protection from danger and harm
    shelter me safe in your strong loving arms
    help me to see there's no cause for alarm,
Lord Jesus, cover me
Under your shadow I won't be afraid;
    cover me, Lord, 'til the storm goes away
    then, in the heat of a beautiful day,
Lord Jesus, cover me




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