Night Prayer

Photo by Frank Winters

Day is done, Lord...

Autumn's evening chill shivers,
turning me and leaves
to season's change...

The shiver shakes awake the fall within
and I seek pardon
for any early frost upon my heart...

For this day's noontime warmth,
October hues and simple joys
I give you praise...

Into your sacred heart and holy arms
I hand those who lean on me
and all who care for me...

Day is done, Lord...

May this night's moon
wax full and shine with peace on all
'til the sun shall rise again...

- Concord Pastor

(Another Night Prayer)


  1. What a beautiful night prayer! I am glad that you hand those who lean on you and all who care for you to the Lord. I am in both categories.

  2. That is a beautiful prayer! Thank you for passing it along, Concord Pastor. Your writing is something special.

  3. I agree with Daisy. Thank you for handing over to God the wants and needs of people who rely on you. So many of us fail to feel and hear the goodness in our life because it can sometimes be overshadowed by distress. Knowing God is holding me in prayer and ambracing me in times of both good and bad, gives me some peace of mind which I so desperately look for during these days of uncertainty and misfortune. I look for the peace of mind God can give to me and pray it sustains me.


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