GardenSnob agrees: wheat will survive weeds!

Image by GardenSnob

Here's another image of weeds among the wheat! (Click on image for a larger version of the wheat and the weeds!)

GardenSnob is a new blog: a review of gardening books, photos, tools and ideas. This blog is the work of a fine friend on a small farm who also worships in ConcordPastor's parish. I recommend it for both the garden obsessed and for folks like myself who neither plant nor weed nor harvest but who find such reading really interesting. (I'm no gourmet cook, either, but I love to watch cooking shows!)

See what GardenSnob has to say about wheat and weeds and be sure to take a peek at three residents of GardenSnob's place: Sweet, Sour and Spicy, and here they are having lunch!

I'm adding GardenSnob to the links section of the sidebar for easy reference.



  1. Don't know if you know the expression "Hog Heaven," but that is what Sweet, Sour and Spicy are experiencing at their lunch!

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