Angel of God, my guardian dear...

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Today the Church celebrates the Feast of the Guardian Angels.

The scriptural basis for our understanding of guardian angels is found in Jesus' words in Matthew 18:10...

See that you do not despise one of these little ones,
for I say to you that their angels in heaven
always look upon the face of my heavenly Father.

And here's the Opening Prayer of today's Mass:

God our Father,
in your loving providence
you send your holy angels to watch over us.
Hear our prayers,
defend us always by their protection
and let us share your life with them for ever.
We as this through Christ our Lord.



  1. Thanks for reminding me that it is the feast of the Guardian Angels. It's nice to think our angels are watching over us and protecting us especially when we need them most.

  2. I wonder if we each have a special angel (like in "It's A Wonderful Life" ) or whether a loved one that has passed away takes on that position. Just wondering......

  3. Some things are true only in the movies. From the vantage point of Catholic theology, human beings who have died do not become angels (guardian or otherwise). While all the saints in heaven may intercede on our behalf, Catholic teaching does not suggest that they become guardian angels.

  4. This is a little bit off topic but still has to do with God watching over us.
    I'm looking for a prayer that an expectant mother can say daily. My niece is expecting again after a miscarriage and has worries. Her mother, my sister is concerned as well...another prayer for a grandmother-to-be?

  5. For anonymous, get your niece a prayer shawl from the parish office. My daughter-in-law had a miscarriage, and when she conceived the second time, I gave her the prayer shawl. She is due anytime now-She slept whith
    it every night
    Good luck

  6. This blog is read by people around the world so I don't know if Anne's parish has a prayer shawl ministry. I do know that having such a shawl, or a medal or a religious image can certainly help keep one faithful to prayer and to remembering that others are praying, too. Of course, none of these is an automatic solution to problems. One of the greatest things we can pray for is the strength to live with and through what life brings us, with the help and grace of the Lord.

    Anne asked for a prayer and I found this one on online:

    Gracious God,

    This life you have given us is so tiny, fragile, and vulnerable, safe in the womb of flesh and hope, yet subject to illness and loss.

    O God of love, Creator of life, hear our prayer.

    We want this baby so much. Please grant this child of ours a full term of nurture, the joy and mystery of life, and the blessing of your love.

    Grant us the fulfillment of our hopes, a baby to love and protect, a child to teach and guide, a blessing for our family.


    (Adapted from V. Anderson)

  7. Thank you! That's the perfect prayer!
    Thanks also for the suggestion of the prayer shawl.I believe that my parish is just beginning a prayer shawl ministry. I'll inquire about it.


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