Doubting Thomas: Second Sunday of Easter

Doubting Thomas by Caravaggio (click on image for larger version)

Contemporary rendering of Doubting Thomas, based on Caravaggio, found at The Crossroads Initiative

Another contemporary rendering of Caravaggio: Still Doubting by John Granville Gregory

If you haven't yet done your scripture homework in preparation for Mass this weekend, I hope these three renderings of the Doubting Thomas might pique your interest and lead you to those
texts which, complete with background materials, can be found here.

Got kids? Here's some material to introduce them to this Sunday's scriptures before the getting to church.

And here's one more!

Doubting Thomas by Ben Steele

At the top of this post you saw 3 renderings of "Doubting Thomas," including Caravaggio and his imitators. The image here by Ben Steele takes us in another direction... or does it?

Steele's site is worth a visit for his take on art and how we view it. I'd apologize to fans of Kinkade but that would be disingenuous on my part: the visual pun in Steele's piece and in the simple title is too sweet to pass up!

For some insightful commentary on all of this, check out Anneke Majors post at A Motley Vision.

For yet another addition to this collection of variations on the Caravaggio piece, see here.

(Yes, this is largely a rerun of material from two posts from a year ago but I enjoyed putting it together then and thought new readers might enjoy taking a look.)



  1. Thank you for this post. Insofar as I have bookmarked your blog for less than a year, I am one reader who is grateful for this recycling.

    I love the Ben Steele piece...I must admit, when it comes to Kincade, I'm as befuddled as anyone.

    Christos anesti!

  2. *Snort*

    The Ben Steele piece. That has "teh funneh."

    Fran (in my at work identity, taking a lunch/blog break)

  3. Stumbled upon your collection. Here's a version I painted: (image on top right)



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