Word for the Weekend - April 18

Resurrection Breakfast by Kristin Serafini

We approach the Third Sunday of Easter on April 10.  The readings for the day's liturgy and commentary on them can be found here. If you're bringing children to Mass with you, there are hints for helping children prepare to hear the Word right here.

The first lesson each Sunday in the Easter season is taken from the Acts of the Apostles. This week's passage paints a picture of the consequences of "preaching in that name," the name of Jesus. This lectionary text omits some verses and you might want to read the more complete text here.

Lost in a deep mystical experience, John's words in the second lesson, taken from Revelation, give us an image of the heavenly liturgy. It's possible that some of the hymnody at Mass in your parish this Sunday will quote from this scripture about "the Lamb that was slain."

The gospel comes in a longer and shorter form. The longer version tells the story of Jesus preparing breakfast on the shore while the disciples go fishing and includes the dialogue between Jesus and Peter, "Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?"

How wonderful would that be, to have breakfast with Jesus on the shore?

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  1. Hi fr. austin,
    Thanks for this .I have just posted on the wrong parable( the feeding of the five thousand !!).Oh well at least it had some fish in it. I will change it.
    By the way,you have not commented on anything I have written in some previous comments. Is this because it was not worthy of a comment or have i offended you in some way or have you received my books and are too embarassed to tell me what you think of them ?!

  2. I've only just started reading one of your books and I've enjoyed what I've read. But I'd rather not try to carry on correspondence here when email is available to us. Would you mind emailing me, Phil, so I'd have your address (couldn't locate it on your blog). Thanks!

  3. Yes,no problem. Is your e.mail on the blog somewhere ?


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