Tuna sashimi: Oishii!

Photo: emBargo

I recently posted on one of the meals I had on vacation - here's another.

I remember some years back walking with a friend through the lobby of a hotel in Boston, past the Sushi bar. My friend mentioned that she wished we had time to stop there for something to eat and I said I was glad we were in a hurry!

I got a brief, chiding but gentle lecture on the wonders of sushi and what a shame it was that I was convinced I didn't like something I'd never tried. I was embarrassed by the truth of her statement: without ever having tasted sushi, I was sure that I didn't/wouldn't/couldn't enjoy it.

Fast-forward more years than I care to count... I'm at a local Italian restaurant I favor and there on the menu is an appetizer of tuna sashimi with a wasabi dip. In a bold moment I tried it - and loved it!

I was very pleased, then, to find the same dish on the menu at emBargo (that's how the establishment spells it), a tapas restaurant in downtown Hyannis. Here the tuna is sesame crusted and served with thin slices of pickled ginger, a dipping bowl of citrus ponzu and a small mound of wasabi.

Absolutely delicious! ("Oishii" is Japanese for "delicious.")

Granted, this is as far as I've gone on the meno for sushi/sashimi but at least it's a step in the right direction - and I may go farther yet.

(In a subsequent post I'll share with you how I recently came to start eating mussels - another dish I was sure I didn't like although I'd never tried them.)

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  1. My but you have ehanced my taste buds. My daughter wanted to know more about your blog when I sent her the photo of your Clams. She, herself has a wonderful food blog that is mostly about family dining in our hectic world. You might be interested. http://onegrub.blogspot.com

    Thank you and blessings on all you do. Your blog is a great start to my day.

  2. What a great post! I did not eat fish for a long time... like until I was in my 40's.

    And even then I was, still am, funny about what I will eat.

    But sushi... oh yeah! It is odd. Once I was in a circumstance where it would have been rude and foolish to not have some. I have not looked back!

    Prayers for your re-entry into the world of work!


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