My First Communion was 58 years ago!

Photo by LC

When was your First Communion?

In my parish we have 91 children receiving Communion for the first time in this Easter season. Our First Communion celebrations will take place at Sunday Masses in seven small groups, the first two of which were this past weekend. The photo above includes Fr. Mike Harrington, one of our archdiocesan vocation directors, whose nephew is one of the boys in the picture.

Welcome to the Lord's Table, boys and girls!

Photo by GL


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  1. My first holy communion took place 57 years ago when I was 8 years of age. Those of us who were in public school had to wait an extra year to receive the sacrament. I still remember the day, although there are no photos. I believed all that I was taught and still do. Our pastor, Msgr. Schmidt, asked each of us to say a Hail Mary for him on our special day.

  2. May 12,1957!
    I still have a pretty clear memory of the day. We were a French Canadian parish and I can still sing in French the traditional First Communion song taught to us by the Sisters of Saint Anne..
    " C'est le Grand Jour! "


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