Word for the Weekend: NOVEMBER 3

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The coming weekend finds us at the Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time - I think I can already smell the greens for the Advent Wreath!

The tale of Zacchaeus, the tax collecting tree climber, is our gospel and once again, the Lord will be inviting himself to the House of Z for dinner.  We witness Zacchaeus giving up his practice of extortion just moments after the Book of Wisdom reminds us that the Lord "rebukes offenders, warning them and reminding them of their sins that they might abandon their wickedness and believe..."  St. Paul prays, in the second lesson, that God will make the Thessalonians (and us!) worthy of the calling we have received.

In the gospel it appears that Zacchaeus is looking for Jesus (thus the sycamore ascent) but truly, it's the Lord who's seeking out the lost one to rescue him.

How are we lost, you and I?  
What is lost within us and needs finding?  
And how is the Lord seeking us out?

As always, it's important not to let the familiarity of the story lead us to presume we know what it's all about...

The scriptures for Sunday and commentary on them will be found here and if you're bringing children to church with you, check here for hints on helping them prepare to hear the Word.


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