Pause for Prayer: ASH WEDNESDAY

(Click here to get your own pocket Cross)

Lord, I've been thinking and asking myself,
"What am I going to do for Lent this year?"

I've got a few ideas,
maybe even a kind of plan
about praying more,
giving up some things I like
and reaching out to those in need...

But then I look at that pocket Cross
and I hear your voice in those words,
Come back to me with all your heart...

I think I get it, Lord:
that's what you want me to do this year;
that's your plan for me this Lent...

You want me to come back,
to come back to you,
with all my heart...

Come back to me with all your heart...

Those words really cut to the chase, Lord,
and they say it all:
      You. Want. Me.
And you want all of my heart...

You sure do know how to ask a lot!

So I gotta take this a day at a time,
one step at a time,
walking through these 40 days of Lent...

Walk with me, Lord, and be patient with me
when my pace slows down
or I try to take a short-cut
or I walk away or just stop moving:
be patient and walk with me, Lord...

Come back to me with all your heart...

Help me pray, Lord, and in my prayer
help me find my heart and yours
as I make my way back to you this Lent...

And help me let go the things that claim my heart
and keep me from coming back to you
and offering all you ask of me...

Lord, help me be generous in reaching out
and opening up my heart to those in need
- just as you reach out to me...

Come back to me with all your heart...

Walk with me, Lord:
help me come back to you
with all my heart
this Lent...


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