Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 8/8

I See Some Blue: photo by AJ Martin*

Help me see some blue, O Lord...

Help me see the blue that's hiding just behind the clouds,
the blue that never fails to come again and yet again,
the blue that follows every storm
   with promise and 

When the blues are in my soul help me see the blue above,
help me see the blue when darker hues are haunting, taunting me,
help me see how heaven's sky-blue light
   illumines mind and heart...

Help me see some blue when all I see is foggy, misty gray,
help me face the cloudy dome to find a blue sky peeking through,
help me see the blue that tells me, Lord,
   there comes a brighter day...

Help me see some blue, the promise of an end to wind and rain,
help me see the true blue pledge of heaven's vault about to clear,
help me see some blue, the strength I need
   to weather one more storm...

Help me see some blue, O Lord,
   just help me see some blue...

*Thanks to AJ, a friend who took this photo in Hyannis (8/7/14) 
and captioned it I See Some Blue.


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