Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 8/12

Photo by Greg Mara, Wells Beach  8/6/14

No matter how thick, how dark, how forboding,
no matter how gray, how gloomy and grim,
no matter the wind, the rain and hail they may bring:
   clouds are clouds are clouds...

No matter the thunderhead shrouding the heavens,
no matter the rumbling rolling within,
no matter the lightning piercing their somber veil:
   clouds are clouds are clouds...

And clouds will break and clouds will clear
and clouds will pass and soon reveal
what clouds will never overpow'r:
the sun, the moon, the stars, the sky,
the new day's dawn,
the hope it brings...

Let nothing shield me from your light,
let nothing hide your face from me,
let nothing overshadow what I hope
and what I trust will come once more, Lord:
for clouds are clouds are clouds
and soon will pass away
and clear skies reign again...


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