Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 11/18

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even before I wake up
you know the whole of the day ahead of me...

Before I open my eyes
you know all of this day's sorrows,
all of this day's joys...  

Before I'm out of bed
you know the hopes and dreams,
the worries and fears I have
of what this day might bring...

You know everything I'll face today:
you'll be my strength when I am weak,
as you're my strength when I am strong...

You know the blessings and the burdens
of the day that lies ahead:
make me grateful for your gifts
and help me carry what I bear...

You know the help I'll need today
and you will not fail to share it:
give me all the grace I'll need
to live this day in peace with you
and with all whose paths cross mine...



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