Monday Morning Offering: 6/15

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

O God, it's morning!

And once again, Lord,
you're up long before I am...

It never fails.
I turn off the alarm clock
and there you are, sitting at the foot of my bed,
waiting, watching, wanting to be
the first thought of my day...

Please forgive me, Lord,
but most days I don't have a first thought
until I've had my first cup of coffee...

So, please, be patient with me,
as you always are,
and give me time to wake
to your presence...

And oh, Lord,
- it's not just the morning,
it's MONDAY morning!

How I wish the weekend
were another day longer...

Where am I going this week, Lord?
Where will you lead me?
What path will you light for me?

When I walk astray this week, Lord,
or try to take the short-cut,
prod me, pull me, push me back
where I belong, where I should be heading,
even if that path seems to me 
the one I'm least inclined to walk...

Most of all, walk with me, Lord,
and guide me when I'm confused and lost...

Shine a light on my road
when darkness shades my steps...

Teach me to ask you for directions
when I'm lost and can't find the way...

When I don't want to take another step -
when I don't want to take the first step:
whisper an encouraging word in my heart...

When the path frightens me,
give me your hand to hold...

When my strength flags and my pace slows,
let me rest my head on your shoulder...

When I need to turn,
show me the way,
and teach me not to look back...

Take me down the just path, Lord;
lead me on the road to truth;
guide me along the highway of honesty;
give me strength to walk with proper pride
in the ways of integrity...

Help me to see that the only path worth walking
is the one that leads me to you
and to love and serve my neighbor...

It's morning, Lord -
it's MONDAY morning,
and I'm getting up now 
to have that cup of coffee...

Will you join me, Lord?


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