Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 11/6

Slow me down today, Lord,
   and whisper a word or two or more
      in the quiet of my mind and heart...

When I'm cursing others or myself,
   whisper words of blessing...

When I'm judging others' words and deeds,
   whisper words of mercy... 

When my voice is still and silent,
   whisper words that I might speak...

When I'm saying much too much,
   whisper words to keep me quiet... 

When I've failed and when I've sinned,
   whisper words of pardon...

When I'm facing loss and grief,
   whisper words of consolation...

When I'm stuck in my own foolishness,
   whisper words of wisdom...

When I'm confounded and confused,
   whisper words of counsel...

When I'm caught up in my lies,
   whisper words of truth...

When life is just too tough to take,
   whisper words of hope...

When my heart is broken, hurt and wounded,
   whisper words of healing...

When I'm at war within myself or someone else,
   whisper words of peace...

But first, Lord, slow me down
   and help me find a quiet place to hear
      the whisper of your word...

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1 comment:

  1. A Veteran’s Day

    Watch we now
    The Flag doth flutter
    Our hearts beckon back
    To a land, another.
    Whether woodland, jungle or desert
    Where we had to serve
    Firefight or sniper, canon or rocket
    We found the nerve.
    And fight we did
    High above, on the land or close ashore
    The way was always clear
    Helping those who needed it
    And be able to look at yourself in the mirror.
    For those who answered the summons
    Much is due
    For the loss that most suffered
    Most will have no clue.
    As time proceeds
    The memories may grow less clear
    But may our children and theirs, always know
    The fear that we prevented
    The sacrifice we relented and
    The lives we protected.


Please THINK before you write
and PRAY before you think!