Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 4/1

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You might not have been in a Hallelujah mood, but if you went to church on Easter then you sang and heard the word HALLELUJAH many, many times!

Hallelujah means, simply, "Praise God!"  We praise God on Easter for the life that's ours in Jesus rising from the dead - but we can and do use this same word to praise and thank God for all his good gifts to us, large and small, every day of our lives.

Today's Pause for Prayer

Take a few moments to recall, perhaps to write down, the reasons you have this day to praise and thank God for his gifts. No matter how hard a day you're having, no matter how difficult yesterday was or how hard tomorrow promises to be, there are gifts in your life right now for which to be grateful: what are they?

Once you've had time to remember your reasons to praise God, listen to the following, sing along and lift up your Hallelujah!

- sung by Messiah College Choir


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