Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 2/25

What a gift, Lord -
73˚ yesterday,
on an afternoon late in February!

And here's the thing, Lord:
we had snow just last week
with shoveling and plowing and icy roads
but none of that kept me from yesterday's gift:
I didn't dwell on the past -
I enjoyed the moment
for all it was worth!

And here's another thing, Lord:
before this winter's over
we'll have freezing temperatures again
and more ice and snow
and shoveling and plowing -
but no such thoughts kept me
from yesterday's warmth
I enjoyed the moment
for all it was worth!

I rolled down the windows,
took off my jacket and rolled up my sleeves
I walked in the sunshine
and soaked up the sun
and the warmth of the day
and, oh Lord, what a day,
what a gift it was!

So please, help me, Lord,
when bright moments warm my wintry heart
and bursts of sunshine clear my clouded mind -
help me, Lord -
to let go of yesterday's chill
and not be consumed
by the storm yet to come:
help me simply enjoy the moment
as a gift from you
a peek at , a pledge of the promise
of all you have in store for me...



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