Thankful Thursday 3/30

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I want to take some time to ponder
all my reasons to be grateful -
will you help me remember them?

Help me remember, by name, and be grateful
for the most important people in my life:




the folks whom I depend on for oh-so-many things:
the people who support me,
who comfort, help and challenge me,
those who help me not give up,
who help me make it day by day
and night by night,
just one day at a time...

Help me remember and give thanks
for all the gifts that I've received:
the gifts of faith and hope and love,
the gifts of wonder, tears and laughter,
the gifts of friendship and affection,
the gifts of peace and quiet contentment,
and the gift of prayer, my time with you...

Help me remember and then praise you, Lord,
for all my talents and my skills:
the ones I use every day,
and the ones I hide from others,
the ones I need to learn to share...

Help me remember to be grateful, Lord,
for what I often take for granted:
my liberty and freedom,
my right to speak and write and vote,
the chance to seek my heart's desire
and to go where you may call me...

Help me remember, Lord, all that I've forgotten,
all the blessings I am grateful for,
all the gifts for which I owe you
my heartfelt thanks and praise...

Help me remember
and let me not forget to praise you, Lord,
for it's from you and you alone
that all my blessings truly flow...



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