Photo by CP

I'm very grateful, Lord,
for this view from my vacation's window:
a perch for my prayer,
a place to greet you each morning,
and bid you good night in the evening...

I'm grateful, too, for my beloved porch at home,
another place for prayer when the season allows
and I'm grateful for the year 'round chapel
embedded in my house where every season
finds you at home,
watching my coming and going...

And I'm grateful, Lord, for your company
on my walk by the harbor this afternoon
for I trust and I know that any time,
any time at all when I lift my mind and heart to you,
you're there, already seated right beside me,
waiting to hear all my sorrows and joys...

The universe is your chapel, Lord,
and any time your Spirit whispers,
"Slow down, relax, rest
and pause for prayer..."
I know I've found a pew,
close within your arm's long reach,
a place to sit and talk and cry and laugh
with you...



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