Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 10/20

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I offer you my thanks
for your divine imagination,
your playful wisdom shaping earth,
her seasons and their beauty

Who first knew your plan, O Lord,
for shorter days and autumn chill
to sap the summer's chlorophyll
from leafy, shady boughs?

I see revealed in summer's loss,
in each tree's seasoned death
your glory: gold and russet,
purple patched and crimson crowned

A gift of longer nights,
these hidden hues now bared
expose on every branch your hand
bestowing blessings on the breeze

Fall's light now filters softly
through leaves aglow within:
it's all so simple, your artistry,
delightful and divine

When my hope's green has faded
paint my soul in autumn hues,
illumined with that holy light
whose only source is you...

I offer you my thanks, Lord
for leaves that sigh and fall
and pad the path I walk,
the way I wander in your grace...


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