Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 10/7

Photo by CP

Late last night, Lord,
the weather report mentioned the harvest moon
so I went outside to take a look and there it was -
peeking at me through a break in the leaves
on the branches of trees
just outside the door to my porch...

A great and natural oculus
in the dome of maples sheltering my home,
standing guard by my driveway,
opening my eyes to a light show
begun on creation's fourth day...

For a blessed, peaceful moment
it wasn't the moon I was watching,
it was you, Lord, keeping an eye on me,
piercing the leafy canopy,
watching over the end of my day,
keeping vigil over my sleep and dreams
'til the greater light in the morning rise
and a brand new day begin...

Harvest moon, half moon, quarter moon, Lord,
as lunar phases wax and wane,
keep vigil over all my nights
and guard me, without fail,
as the apple of your eye...


Here's a view of the moon through the oculus
in the dome of Rome's Pantheon 

Image source


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