Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 3/19

In the middle of a busy day, Lord,
I left the parish office and drove to West Concord
to pick up my black suit at the cleaners
so I could change into it
before going to a wake later this afternoon...

On the way to the cleaners
I thought of all the other things I might have done
with the 25 minutes this round-trip stole from my day...

And I also thought about all the other things I do,
simple, practical reasonable things,
that also steal precious time from my days,
time that might be better spent on any number of
tasks, responsibilities and relationships
that mean so much more
than driving to West Concord
to pick up my suit at the cleaners...

Clean, pressed suits have their place, Lord
but they aren't nearly as important
as hundreds of other things
that have a claim on my time, my energy,
my work, my love, my faith...

Especially this Lent, Lord,
help me sort out the important
from the less important
from the unimportant -
and help me plan and use my time
according to your word and will...



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