Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 10/27

In years past, in other places, I'd be busy today decorating my rectory and getting my Halloween costume together.  But times have changed, a pandemic has intervened, a viral spirit haunts us and distancing precludes much of our usual fun and games. But in some ways, we all don masks and costumes year 'round, so this prayer might yet be helpful...
help us worry not so much
about the everyday costumes
we don each time we dress...

Clothes don't make the man,
and clothes don't make the woman:
it's how our hearts are dressed
that makes us who we are...

Help us take off the costumes
that hide our truest selves:
    garments of pride and false humility,
    bravado and self-pity,
    power and prestige...

Help us take off our masks,
the ones we wear to hide
from others and ourselves, 
the person you made each of us to be...
Unmask us all, Lord,
and reveal on our faces
    the fears and tears,
    smiles and joys,
    worries and confusion,
    hopes and the dreams,
    the pain and disappointments,
    the tenderness and care
that put a true face 
on our heart of hearts,
your mirror in our souls...
Help us find the hidden, human beauty,
under costumes, 'neath our masks,
in everyone around us, 
beginning with ourselves
and help us, Lord, 
to love each one we find...



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