A prayerful hiatus...


Well, my behind-the-blog troubles continue!  I can promise you I'm working non-stop on trying to resolve these problems and I am making some progress  Some of you received your emailed posts in proper fashion this morning but some received only multiple content-less messages.  Many have understandably marked these multiple posts as spam but unfortunately, that's downgrading my standing with the new subscription service and they're on my back about it.  So to avoid more of that, I need to suspend posting until this is all straightened out - and I hope that will be in a day or two!  In the meantime, you can always go directly to my blog and take a walk through the archives (on the sidebar) or search topically in the box at the upper left hand corner of my page.

So, this will be my last post until I wake from this techno-nightmare!  Pray that things will resolve as quickly as possible!  See you on the other side!





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