Monday Morning Offering: 1/3

Image: Geo65 drge Mendoza
Good morning, good God!
A new year, Lord!
A new year with 12 months,
52 weeks,
365 days,
8,760 hours,
525,600 minutes

I thought this morning I might offer you, Lord, 
the whole of 2022...

I thought to offer you, 
   to promise you and myself
a year of significant changes:
    changes in my prayer life,
    greater generosity in my outreach to the poor,
    a friendlier, more loving response to my neighbor,
    better use of my time, treasure and talents,
    more honesty in taking my personal inventory,
    growth in my good habits 
        and putting an end to some bad habits...
Such was the year I thought to offer you, Lord:
    a year of conversion, transformation and change
        - all beginning on 1/1/22!

But then your Spirit intervened and whispered wisely:
    "Whoa!  Get real!  Get a grip! Easy does it!
      Be honest with yourself- and reasonable!
      Set goals that are high - and achievable! 
      Trust more in my strength - and less on your own!
      Take it just one day, one day at a time:
        not a year, month or week - just a day at a time!"

So, here I am, Lord, three days into the new year
    with a heart full of good intentions
       -  but not that much to show for it -
    probably because I set my sights too high...
So temper my zeal with patience, Lord,
    my ambition with wisdom's prudence
and lead me guide me, a day at a time,
    to grow in your grace through the year ahead,
        a day, just a day at a time...




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