NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 1/27

Lord, it's not difficult for me to see,
in hindsight,
how you've walked with me,
guided and protected me
through so many hard times
in my life...

But tonight
I pray for the grace
to see and know 
your presence, your power,
your guiding hand and your protection 
- not just after my troubles have passed -
    but in the hard times,
    on the cold and cloudy days,
    through my restless nights,
    in my rough patches,
    in the midst of hurt and disappointment,
    and through my times of loss and grief...

I know you're always there for me, Lord,
but tonight I pray you let me 
know and see and feel
your presence and your hand,
your strength and your compassion
- right in the moment -
when my need for you is greatest
and I'm pleading for your help...
In the midst of all my problems,
    open my eyes to your presence,
    my ears to the sound of your voice,
    my heart to your healing touch;
open my hand to yours, Lord,
    reaching out to lead and guide me
    now, in my moment of need...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me as I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep rest in your peace...

I Need You Now by Matt Redman
If a video doesn't appear below, click here!




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