Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 1/14

 I was just thinking, Lord...

You don't read the daily papers:
    you know all the news, the good and the bad,
        long before headlines are printed...

You don't listen for weather reports:
    whatever the pressure, be it high or low,
        your forecast is always correct...
Though you never look at a clock,
    you're never late or too early:
        you're always on time - and beyond it...
You know every doubt, worry and fear
    but you're never unsettled or shaken:
        you're tranquil, serene: you are peace.. 
So, I was just thinking, Lord, how grateful I am 
    that you are who you are:
        someone beyond the news of the day,
        someone above all the storms of this life,
        someone whose timing is mystery unfolding,
        someone whose peace is never disturbed...

In you alone, Lord, I place all my trust,
    in you I find all my strength and my hope;
be with me this day, and deepen my faith
    that in you all manner of things shall be well...





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