Pause for Prayer: Sunday 1/16

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We easily picture Mary with the infant Jesus in her arms - but how did she relate to Jesus the teenager, Jesus the young man, Jesus the adult? When did she begin to understand the angel's message about who her son would be?  When did she begin to see where Jesus' preaching would lead him?  Certainly she began to understand more clearly at the wedding feast at Cana - when the wine ran short and she told the servers, "Do whatever he tells you..."

Mother Mary,

   why did you bring the wine problem to Jesus? 

What did you expect him to do?

What had you already seen and heard him do
   that led you to trust that he could help?

      that he would help?

When he told you his hour had not yet come
   - did you know the hour of which he spoke?

Did you know the suffering that hour would bring him?
And the suffering that would be yours
   when his time came to pass?

You so confidently told the servers,
    "Do whatever he tells you..."

    Help me to have that same simple confidence 
       in your son and in his love for me...

    Teach me to trust in him as you did...

    Will you please tell him
        when my spirits run dry?
    When I run out of joy?
      when I've lost faith and hope?

    Help me to trust, as you did,
       that he will supply all I truly need...

    He turned the water into wine! 
    Your son, my brother, turned water into wine! 
    Ask him, please, to make a fine, choice wine 
        of the plain and sometimes muddied waters
             coursing through my daily life...

Mary, Mother of Jesus, my Mother, too,
   intercede for me with your Son's help
      in my every day needs and worries...

 Holy Mary, Mother of God,
   pray for me...


Twelve Days 2




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