Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 2/26

Today's post continues a theme begun a few days ago 
    in Wednesday's Texting With God...
Lent is just a few days away, Lord,
and I'd really like this Lent
to be different, better, more honest
than Lents I've known in the past...
So, I've been wondering...

Perhaps instead of saying a lot more prayers this Lent,
maybe what I really need to do is learn to keep quiet,
    to spend more time in silence,
    making room in my heart for you,
    mindful of your presence, welcoming your Spirit,
    asking for your counsel, praying for your wisdom
    'til I hear your word, learning to be at peace 
    in silence, by your side...
And in addition to giving up some food or beverage,
maybe I need to fast from
    my quick temper, my snap judgments, 
    my bias and prejudice, my screen time and couch time,
    my resentments and grudges, my working too much
    my courting temptation, my stubbornness and pride,
    my selfish and foolish habits and ways...

And almsgiving - Lord, what a curious word!
Reaching to those in need - that's better!
Rather than just writing a check or two,
how, this Lent, might I grow a heart 
    for those in need of what I have?
    my resources, my abundance, my food,
    my energy, my touch, my understanding, 
    my time, my company, my generosity?
How, this Lent, 
    might I grow a heart for those in need, Lord,
    a heart that gives until it comes to know
    the need it seeks to fill, the want it seeks to serve...
As Ash Wednesday draws near, Lord,
send your Spirit to open my heart
and help me grow in prayer and faith,
in word and deed,
as I make my way as a sinner,
walking the way of your Cross,
making my way to Easter joy...






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