Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 2/27

Lord, there are times 
   when I know you're right by my side,
   when my trust in your grace is secure,
   when I'm sure of your mercy and kindness,
   when your love offers all that I need...

And then there are times
    when I can't see your face,
    when my step isn't steady,
    when my needs are so many
    and my hope's running out...

When the rough patches come,
    hold me fast by your side,
    help me trust, help me hope,
    keep me safe in your grace,
    with your love and your mercy and strength...
and help me recall
    how you've stayed by my side,
    how your grace has sufficed,
    how your mercy has healed me
    and given me hope, Lord,
    that all shall be well,
    that all shall be well,
    that all manner of things shall be well...





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