Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 5/25

                                       Immaculate Heart of Mary by  Stephen B. Whatley

Yesterday's Night Prayer ended with a painting of the Sacred Heart by Stephen Whatley.  Today the Church celebrates the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the image above is Whatley's work for today's feast.  This post will conclude with a Marian litany, but first, a prayer for the moment...
This morning, Lord, I'm praying for many people,
    just a day after Dobbs v. Jackson...
I'm praying for those 
    disappointed and angry,
who believe their rights have been trampled and crushed:
    their choice and autonomy wrenched from their grasp...

And I'm praying for those 
    now claiming a victory,
who believe that justice has finally prevailed:
    the right to life, refreshed and reclaimed...

I pray for our country, 
    torn apart and embittered,
where the battle for rights will continue to rage,
    dividing our nation, body and soul...

I pray for the Church 
    to preach with compassion
the gospel of life as the wisdom for choosing
    what's loving and true, what's generous and good...
And I pray for the Church 
    to faithfully serve
with shelter, support, understanding and help
    people and life in all shapes and all forms...
And last, but not least, Lord, 
I pray for the children conceived every day:
    planned or unplanned, welcome or not,
    impaired or healthy, ill-timed or convenient,
        each one made in your image divine,
        each one named by your love and your grace,
        each one, your own, entrusted to us...
So many to pray for, so many to hold
    in our arms, in our care, in our love…

Help us to welcome the gift of new life,
    with its challenges, burdens and blessings, 
        with the strength and help of your grace...

Image: Smith Catholic Art

A Marian Litany

God chose you as the mother of his Son 
    and called all nations and generations 
    to bless the gift of grace he gave you. 
In the company of those who have gone before us, 
    with people of all races and languages, 
    we call upon you in prayer. 

Holy Mary,
   pray for us...
Mother of God,
Mother of our redemption,
Mother of a lost child,
Mother of comfort and understanding,
Mother who shares our joys,
Mother who endures our sorrows,
Mother whose heart was pierced by a sword,
Mother most merciful...

Woman responsive to God's word,
   pray for us...
Woman willing to believe the impossible,
Woman who rejoices in her lowliness,
Woman with an undivided heart,
Woman of perfect freedom,
Woman wrapped in mystery,
Woman moved by the Spirit,
Woman champion of the poor and lowly,
Woman graced by a husband's love,
Woman widowed by a husband's death,
Woman at the cross,
Woman patient and waiting,
Woman clothed with the sun...

Queen of the fullness of times,
   pray for us...
Queen of beauty unalloyed,
Queen of integrity,
Queen of painful meetings,
Queen of all our heart's treasure,
Queen of our destiny,
Queen of peace...
Let us pray...

Mary, you are mother and virgin, wife and widow,
    peasant and queen, blessed for all time.
We need the comfort of your prayers.
Remember us always to our Father
    through your Son, Jesus Christ,
    our Lord for ever and ever.

  - Rev. Joseph Lackner, S.M.




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