NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 7/16

In my prayer these days, Lord, 
I've been seeing how much you love me
   - in spite of -
so many things about me 
    in need of change, mercy and healing;
so many things I need to let go of,
    grow into and accept;
so many ways I need to
    deepen my trust in you, walk by your side
        and follow wherever you lead me...

Yet, in spite of all those things, Lord:
    you love me with mercy and healing compassion;
    you love me now as you did on your Cross;
    you love me in spite of my faults and my failings; 
    you love me with more love than I can return;
    you love me though my love for you may be fickle;
    you love me already - with no strings attached;
    you love me forever and ever and ever...
It's your love, Lord, and only your love
that offers me grace to grow in your love
when, sadly, my love is found wanting:
    your love supplies when I fail to love,
    fail to love you, myself and my neighbor...
So, just as you love me, Lord,
help me love my brothers and sisters
   - in spite of the ways - 
they may, so often,
    annoy me, 
    offend me,
    betray me,
    forget me,
    abandon me,
    hurt me
    and take me for granted...
Remind me, Lord, how
- in spite of the ways -
    I annoy you,
    offend you,
    betray you,
    forget you,
    abandon you,
    hurt you
    and take you for granted
you still love me,
no strings attached,
with mercy, compassion and pardon...

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep rest in your peace...
In Spite of Me by Tasha Cobbs Leonard
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