Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 7/16

Martha and Mary by He Qi
This Sunday's gospel is the story of Jesus' visit to his friends Martha and Mary. This post offers nine contemporary paintings of this story. First, take a look at the story and then spend some time with the paintings. Each one has its own take on Jesus' visit to Bethany and his stopping in to see his friends. Let your study of these images give rise to your prayer this morning...
As we study the paintings we might ask:
   - which painting best tells the story in the gospel?
   - what do the different facial expressions and postures reveal?
   - what does the positioning of the three individuals tell us?
   - who's speaking to whom?
   - who's listening to whom?
   - who's focused on whom?  and why?
   - where do I find myself in these paintings?
   - were I to hang one of these paintings in my home,
      which one would it be - and why?

Martha and Mary by Maud Sumner

In the House of Martha and Mary by Eileen Kennedy

At the Home of Martha and Mary by Ain Vares

The Better Part by Ann Brink

Mary and Martha: Vie de Jesus MAFA

Mary and Martha by Judith Fritchman

     My One and Only by Pennie Mirande










Martha and Mary by Maud Sumner














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