Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 7/22

(Mary Magdalene Announces the Resurrection to the Apostles 
    by Sr. Mary Charles)

Today, July 22 is the Memorial of Saint Mary Magdalene.  Because Mary is the name of several significant women in the gospel accounts of Jesus' life, there has been some confusion around just who Mary of Magdala was - and wasn't! For an interesting summary of these questions - and a resolution to the dispute - take a look at this article from Vatican News.

The icon above depicts Mary Magdalene announcing the Resurrection of Jesus to the apostles who were huddled in fear following the crucifixion. Mary Magdalene was the first to meet the Risen Jesus and the first to announce this joyful news to others. She is sometimes called the First Apostle of the Resurrection. 
The preface prayer from today's mass sums up beautifully the faith and ministry of this woman known as The Apostle to the Apostles:

    It is truly right and just, our duty and our salvation,
    to glorify you in all things, almighty Father,
    whose mercy is not less than your power,
    through Christ Jesus, our Lord.

    He appeared in the garden
    and revealed himself to Mary Magdalene,
    who had loved him in life,
    witnessed him dying on the Cross,
    sought him as he lay in the tomb,
    and was the first to adore him, newly risen from the dead.
    He honored her with the office of being an apostle to the Apostles,
    so that the good news of new life

    might reach the ends of the earth...

Looking for joy in your life? This beautiful song shares the joy that must have been Mary's on Easter morning. She went to the tomb still  grieving the loss of her friend on the day before, "the darkest day of her life..."  There's something in this song for everyone... 

Joy In The Light by Joyce Johnson Rouse

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There is joy in the light of this morning
since I came to Jesus' tomb
where an angel standing before me
said "he lives" for me and you.

Yesterday was the darkest of my life
for I loved my Jesus so.
But, there is joy in the light of this morning.
He is risen, this I know.

There is joy in the light of this morning
as the flowers catch the dew
and I see in a new day dawning
that his words have now come true!

I believed every thing that my Lord said
but this one promise I had forgot.
There is joy in the light of this morning
there is healing in my heart.

They say the night is darkest just before the dawn
I came in darkness grieving, but now my grief is gone.

And there is joy in the light of this morning
though, I had cried all night.
In my heart i can feel the beginning
of a new and different life.

I must go now and tell the others
all who love to speak his name
that here is joy in the light of this morning
and I will never ever be the same.




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