Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 1/10

What if you were to walk by my side, Lord
    - all day long today?
With you so close at hand,
    might my tone be gentler?
    my deeds more loving?
    my heart more open? 
    my impulses tamer? 
    my self less pitied?
    my efforts more earnest? 
    my deeds more just? 
    my spirit more forgiving?
    my play more fair? 
    my faith bolder?
    my mercy more indulgent?
    my praise more fulsome?
    my critique less barbed?
    my demeanor more welcoming?
    my patience more enduring?
    my choices more studied?
    my ego humbler?
    my love stronger?
    my giving more generous?
    my thoughts kinder?
    my attitude more accepting? 
    my desires purer?
    my decisions wiser?  
    my hope deeper?
    my judgments less biased?
    my time better spent?
    my prayer more frequent?
Of course, the thing is, Lord,
you will walk by my side today,
all day long - and every day!
So, help me spend today, Lord:
   speaking, acting, responding, giving,
   trying, working, discerning, thinking,
   choosing, waiting, wanting, praying 
truly blessed and humbled 
by your walking by my side
all day long and every day
- one day at a time!






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