NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 3/27

Some people will go to confession this Lent, especially as Easter draws near -- and many people will not go to confession.  Whether or not we choose to go to the sacrament of reconciliation, all of us should take some time in this season to stand before the Lord and review our lives, asking God's mercy and pardon for our sins.  Lent is the most excellent season for doing just this.  So, whether you're afraid to mention your sins - or - you think you have no sins to mention, let's all take some time to examine our lives, acknowledge our failings and pray for the Lord to forgive us...

- Do I love you, Lord? Do I worship you?  Do I pay more attention to false gods in my life (work, money, position, schedules, prestige, superstition, possessions) than I render to you, my one, true God? Do I make time every day to come to you in prayer?  Do I join the community on Sundays at mass?  Do I look and listen for how your Spirit moves in my life?   Do I make an effort to grow in my faith and in my knowledge of your Church and its teachings?  Do I thank you for all your gifts to me?  Am I careful not to use your name carelessly or crudely?  Do I reverence you in my thoughts, words and deeds?


- Do I love others, Lord?  Do I love the people I live with? the people I work with? the folks in my neighborhood, at my school, where I play? Have I abused anyone - physically, verbally, emotionally?  Do I speak unkindly to others - or about others?  Do I give my parents the love and respect they deserve?  Am I a good and faithful parent?  Am I good to my siblings? Am I faithful to my friends?  Do I reach out generously to the poor? Do I share my belongings with friends and family members?  Do I generously care for the needs of others before I take care of myself?   Do I invite other people into my group of friends?  Is there anyone or any group whom I exclude from my social circle? Do my prejudices and biases tempt me to excuse myself from loving some particular groups of people?  Do I reach out to those who are alone?  to those who are lonely? Do I respect and reverence human life in all its shapes and forms?


- Have I stolen, Lord?  Do I take what doesn’t belong to me?  Do I take things I haven’t paid for?  Have I damaged what belongs to others? Am I envious or jealous of what other people have?  Do I collect and hoard what I really don’t need while others go without life’s basic necessities?  Am I greedy or selfish?  Do I place too much importance on material goods?  Do I trust, Lord, that you will provide everything I truly need? Do I care for the earth as the common home I share with others? Do I abuse or waste what grows and nurtures, delights and refreshes, sustains and surprises all flora, fauna and humankind with your presence, beauty and glory? Do I work to protect and conserve all that nature provides for humankind?


- Do I tell the truth, Lord?  Do I stretch the truth?  Do I hide the truth?  Do I hide from the truth? Do I lie? Am I honest with you, Lord?  Am I honest with myself?  with my family?  with my coworkers and employers? with those I do business with? with my teachers and classmates?  with my friends and neighbors?  Am I fair in my dealings with others?   Do I object to injustice I see and work to make things right?  Do I cheat?  Do I take credit for work that’s not mine? Do I hold grudges or resentments? Do I gossip and spread rumors?  Do I contribute to damaging others’ reputations?  Do I forgive those who have hurt me?  Do I ask forgiveness of those whom I have hurt?  


- Do I take good care of my body, Lord?  Do I respect the gift of my body?  Do I eat a healthful diet?  Do I exercise in ways appropriate to my health and age? Do I get the rest I need? Have I abused my body with drugs, alcohol, food or medications? Have I respected my sexuality as a gift from you, Lord?  Have I respected the sexuality of other persons? Have I  been faithful to my spouse in thought, word and deed?  Have I taken advantage of another person for my own pleasure?  Do I take part in entertainment, web sites, conversations or jokes that fail to respect?


- Have I been faithful to my conscience, Lord? Do I work to form a conscience shaped by your word, your truth and your wisdom? Do I bring the gospel message to bear on my opinions? my politics? my attitudes? my voting?  Have I bowed to peer pressure and the “politically correct” rather than to you and your will for me?   Have I encouraged others to make poor choices or do what is wrong?


- Do I love you above all, Lord, with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind?  Do I love my neighbor as myself? Do I do what is just, love what is good and humbly walk by your side? Do I do to others as I would have them do to me?   Do I forgive others as you forgive me, Lord: freely and fully, with generous mercy?  

Whatever, and however many, my sins may be, 
    - when I come seeking mercy -
God will be loving and forgiving,
    slow to anger and rich and kindness,
        loving and forgiving to all...

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

Loving and Forgiving by Scott Soper
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Loving and forgiving are you, 
O Lord; slow to anger, rich in kindness, 
loving and forgiving are you.  
1. All my being bless the Lord;  
bless the holy name of God.  
All my being bless the Lord,  
remembering the goodness of God.
2. God forgives us all our sins, 
healing those who live in pain,  
saving us from final death.  
God fills us with goodness and love.   
3. Good and gracious is the Lord,  
slow to anger, rich in love.  
God remembers not our sins;  
forgiving and loving is God. 

4. As heaven soars above the earth, 
so great the love of God for us. 
As far as east is from the west, 
the Lord takes our sins from us.




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