Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 8/25

I just came across this prayer I wrote over ten years ago.
It's based on this verse from Psalm 8:
    What are humans
       that you are mindful of them, Lord;
          mere mortals that you care for them?
    Yet, you have made them
       little less than a god,
           crowned them with glory and honor...

Who am I, Lord? 

Who am I that you should be mindful of me?
   that you should even know me?
Who am I that you should care for me?
   that you would care about me?

It's hard to believe you know me, Lord,
    that among all the faces in history
        - you would take notice of mine;
that on days 
    when I don't want to see my own face
        - you can't take your eyes off of me...

In the history of all creation, Lord,
    my life's but a nanosecond, 
and yet you know
    every move I make,
    every thought I have, every word I speak, 
    every hope I dream, every fear I carry, 
    every ache I bear, every wrong I do, every joy I find
    and every doubt I have about you -  and me...

You have made me little less than a god...

Indeed, you have, Lord! 

You've given me a mind 
    that I might think and learn and know,
    that I might reason, grasp and understand...
You've given me a mind to know you!
How amazing, Lord, that this mind of mine
    could, should ever know
        that you are,
        that you reveal yourself to me,
        that you invite me to know you and love you...

How generous are you
    to give me not only a mind but a soul:
        a soul that mirrors your image divine,
        a soul alive with your Holy Spirit,
        a soul anointed by your Spirit's gifts...

How extraordinary, Lord:
    your desire to make of my soul
        your dwelling place within me;
    your choice to be at home
       in the humble house of my life,
    your holy presence crowning me
       with glory, grace and honor...

I'm created in your own image, Lord,
    you've made me little less than a god...
If but for a moment I understood 
    everything I believe,
I'd burst from knowing who it is
    who lives in my heart,
    who gives me life, 
    who knows me completely,
    who's mindful of me,
    who cares for me, night and day...
In my prayer this morning, 
    help me to know you, Lord, 
the Maker of all 
    who dwells in my soul,
    who suffers with me and rejoices with me,
    who cries with me and laughs with me,
    who calls me by name and forgives my sins,
    who helps, heals and lifts me up,
    who died for me and who rose for me
        that I might have life forever... 
Fill my mind, my heart and my soul, Lord,
   fill my body and my whole being;      
let your peace, like a river, 
    flow through my veins 
        rich with your mercy and grace...
Who am I that you should be mindful of me 
    - yet you've clothed me with honor and glory;
created in your divine image, Lord,
    you've made me little less than a god...





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