Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 8/24

Lake Quannapowitt: photo by Steve Pressley

Before the end of day, Lord,
help me make the time for you to still
the waters of my life,
when you can calm my anxious fears
and give that peace,
that's only yours to give...

Be the still point of my spinning world,
the center of my heart,
the place wherein I find that peace
where I find you
and know that you've found me...

In chaos and serenity,
in rage and in relief,
in turmoil and tranquility:
make your dwelling place within me,
your home within my soul
at the center of my life...

Help me find a place where I might swim
the waters of your mercy,
refreshed by peace in mind and heart,

restored to your good grace...

Anoint me with your peace, Lord,
still my worries and my fears;
may your Spirit calm what troubles me
and heal me deep within...





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