I was out to dinner a few nights ago and ran into a couple from the parish whom I've known for some years. In the course of our conversation I came to learn about the number of ways this husband and wife reach out to the needs of others in our community. They weren't bragging or trying to impress, we were just talking as folks do and I learned a lot about how generous these two people are with their time and talents.

It's not unusual for me to have such experiences because there are so many people in our parish who work quietly behind the scenes, reaching out to others and making a difference in people's lives. Praise God for such men and women, for the work they do and for the example they set for all of us.

We are about to have a parish Vacation Bible School and it's another example of what great things can come of the hard work of those who give their time and talent on behalf of others - and this time it's on behalf of our children. Our VBS will begin on Monday, August 27 and conclude on Thursday night, August 30 with Mass. An extraordinary amount of time effort and talent has gone into this effort and I'm most grateful for all of it.

And for all of you who reach out and give of yourselves in small and hidden, and in large and public ways - thank you and God bless you!

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