Introibo ad altare Dei

This comes a little late but on July 18 the archdiocese released a statement regarding the recent document issued by Pope Benedict regarding the use of the Tridentine rite of the Mass. If you follow the link you will read what the media at large often have missed: that this permission was given by the pope in hopes of convincing disaffected Catholics that it is time for them to return to full union with the Church. Internationally, there are several large movements of Catholics who have broken away from the Church and for whom liturgical ritual is one among several serious points of contention.

As you will read in the statement, Cardinal O'Malley does not expect this decision by the pope to have much impact in the New England area. The cardinal was one of about 30 bishops who were called to Rome just before the release of this document for a preview of its content and discussion with the pope. A number of European bishops have been vocal in their opposition to this permission for celebrating the liturgy in the former rite.

Finally, in the archdiocesan statement you will find a link to the cardinal's blog. Yes, he has one, too!

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