Ave Maria - 10

Here's another performance of the Caccini Ave Maria, sung by Andrea Bocelli. At Pavarotti's funeral today in his home town of Modena in northern Italy, Bocelli will sing Panis Angelicus.

Tomorrow night at Holy Family Parish, Lauren Sprague (soprano) and Carol Messina (piano) will present their concert, Chosen From All Women, following Evening Prayer at 7:00 p.m.
All of the music will be Marian, including several settings of the Ave Maria.

A musician friend who will be out of town on Sunday evening sat in on a rehearsal on Friday evening and sent me this email message:

We returned a bit ago from the dress rehearsal of Lauren's concert since we won't be able to be there Sunday. It was so lovely that I was in tears. You will be, too, I guarantee. I hope loads of people come because it is truly wonderful.

I hope you're planning on coming Sunday evening and that you'll bring some friends with you. Evening Prayer is sung and will last about a half hour and then the concert will begin. Today, September 8, is the Feast of the Birth of the Virgin Mary. Although a day late, this concert will be a beautiful way to honor the Mother of the Savior.

Ave Maria Numbered Series

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