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Readers who have been here since the beginning know that early on I changed the comment "service" from Blogger to Haloscan. When I switched there was some negative feedback from some readers but I stayed with Haloscan.

Well, Haloscan does not deliver on all its promises to me as the blogger and tech support from Haloscan is non-existent - well, totally non-responsive! The feature I liked about Haloscan was that it gave the commentors (and me) the opportunity to be notified by email if a new comment was published on a particular post. My experience is that the notification email arrives (IF it arrives) hours and hours after a new comment has been posted. More often than not, I discover a new comment by just browsing through the comboxes long before an email notification arrives. Do you have the same experience?

I'm considering going back to Blogger comments but there's a possibility that in doing so, the Haloscan comments already posted will disappear. I don't want to lose those comments but it might be the price to pay for better service.

The pro-Haloscan readers wanted the email-notification feature, but the comments here are so few in number that it doesn't seem to me to be worth the trouble.

What do you think (especially, but not only readers who were part of the earlier discussion?

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