And in Boston?

(The logo above is that of the outreach ministry of the Roman Catholic diocese of Memphis.)

Soto Voce
over at Clerical Whispers tips us to the LA Times article outlining the debate over the ordination of openly gay persons and the sanctioning of same-sex unions in the Episcopal Church. The article offers a helpful review and perspective on current events.

My own post looked at the question of communion in such discussions and the potential impact on Christians outside the Anglican Church.

UPDATE: I was working on my blog too late last night after a very busy weekend! I had a couple of drafts for this post and just realized I published an incomplete one. Here's what should have closed this post:

I've used the logo of the diocesan ministry to gay and lesbian persons in Memphis as a way of noting that the Archdiocese of Boston has no ministry or office of this kind. As the questions alive in the Anglican communion become more heated and pointed we should recognize the likelihood that in the future we in the Roman Catholic communion may find ourselves at similar crossroads. Formal archdiocesan recognition of, and ministry to the gay and lesbian Catholics in and outside our parishes would answer a great need and position us to work through those difficult questions in a way that enhances and preserves our communion rather than threatening its integrity.


  1. If only the archdiocese would take heed of what is being done in Memphis and listen to you and your fellow priests who are more than willing to want some changes in the churches position on gay and lesbian issues. Even the knowledge that they continue to push away members of our church and ignore observance on what and where we are at in 2007, and the milestones we have reached (even though much more is needed) in our acceptance of all individuals no matter what thier sexuality. They are still dismissing the ideas for change that so many of us have spoken out about openly. I don't know why it surprises me still, but it does. I hope somehow we will find a way to begin a process much like that in Memphis.

  2. Do you know if the Archdiocese has considered a ministry to the gay and lesbian Catholics in and outside our parishes? Do you know if any individual parishes have their own ministries? The only program of which I am aware is the one at The Paulist Center in Boston. Would you like for Holy Family in Concord to consider this ministry? Have you had requests for this ministry?

  3. Daisy: I know that some efforts in this direction did not receive a green light from those who made such decisions. Our Lady Help of Christians Parish in Newton and St. Ignatius Church in Chestnut Hill both have faith sharing groups for gays, lesbians and their friends. Until it was recently closed, the Jesuit Urban Center in Boston (Immaculate Conception Church) had as its mission outreach to gay and lesbian Catholics. These are the ministries I'm aware of but there may be others which readers here might bring to our attention.

    The gay and lesbian members of our parish speak of their experience of being warmly welcomed here and for that I'm very grateful. I have not received any requests for a ministry dedicated to his purpose in the parish.

  4. I think it is terrific that we have gay/lesbian familes in our parish. It makes me proud that as Christians and Catholics we can welcome everyone into the family.

    Thanks for being open minded.

  5. I feel that the Catholic church must initially address the future role of woman, no matter their sexual orientation.


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