New Word for the Week

I'm a little behind in publishing a new Word for the Week - mea culpa!

This week's Word is taken from Psalm 71 and is a prayer for those in distress. If, praise God, you have no distress in your life just now, you can pray these verses for someone you know who is troubled in mind, in heart. You might also pray this psalm remembering the times when the Lord, in your own distress, has been your rock, your refuge, your fortress.

If you have a favorite scripture to suggest as a Word for the Week, please let me know.


  1. Beautiful words to read from someone who truly needs them right now.
    Thank you

  2. There are so many of us out there, that need the strength and hope that psalm offers. Especially those who are very sick and for those who fear losing their loved ones. I pray God gives these people strength and courage to get through these troubled times.


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