A Guiness and a Bud, your Eminence!

Photo from Cardinal Sean's Blog

Theology-on-Tap (TOT) is a speaker and conversation series for people in their 20's and 30's to learn more about the Catholic faith, make connections between faith and everyday life, and enter into conversation with peers. Whence the name? TOT takes place in bars and pubs - or in a parish hall with a few cases of brew! For more info on the national program and it's history, check out the Young Adult Ministry page of the Archdiocese of Chicago where TOT had its start.

On October 10, Cardinal Sean O'Malley spoke at the TOT at Bad Abbott's, an Irish pub in Quincy. Below is a video of his talk. And here you'll find video of some of the Q&A following his remarks. The Archbishop had been invited to speak on the topic of evangelization.


  1. The video of Cardinal Sean's talk has disappeared. I had watched it on his blog. Thought it was quite good. Theology on Tap is an interesting way to draw young people together to learn more about their faith.

  2. The video of the cardinal's TOT talk still appears on my computer screen - anyone else having a problem with this in addition to daisy?

  3. I think when I first tried it, I clicked on the picture, which started the video. That doesn't work anymore, so I clicked on the arrow under the picture. It worked.

  4. Thanks, Grace. I had clicked on the picture. When I tried the arrow, it did work!


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