Morning Prayer

O, good God, good morning!

Sox have another chance, Lord.
Some folks out there prayed for it.

Some believe you had something to do with it!

Please, Lord, tell me you're busy

about more important things...

Today's another chance for me, Lord.

Well, maybe not so much a chance

as an opportunity
or a
possibility or - an invitation.

That's it!
Today's an invitation from you

to do what is just,
to love what is good

and to walk humbly by your side.

Lord, keep me busy today with important things -

but not so busy that I don't have time for the small things,

the little things that bring me peace,

remind me of your presence,

connect me with others...

Come to think of it,
those little things
are important things, too...

Help me do what is just:

keep me honest, fair and true today.

Help me love what is good:

keep my heart and hopes,

my mind and motives


And help me walk humbly by your side:

shadow me with your presence

and with a gentle hand
lead me along your path...

And on Saturday,

if you're not too busy
and you're watching game 6...

O, good God, good morning!


(Another Morning Prayer)


  1. What if God DOES have something to do with the Red Sox winning? Win or lose, it effects each individual baseball player in different ways. And God cares about each individual. If they lose, it just might send some team members to move in another direction that could effect his life in a totally different way had he won the game. MAYBE, it's all part of God's plan. :-) Loved the prayer!

  2. You have such a gift with words. I loved your prayer. I must say I am a fair weather friend when it comes to our sports teams. But I did watch last night and rooted (prayed) mightily that the Sox would bring it back to Boston!

  3. Concord Pastor:

    One can assume that similar prayers are being made in Cleveland for the success of their beloved team. How do you suppose God decides which team's faithful prayers to answer? Or, are prayers for victory in a sporting event something that God ignores?

    I for one, believe that God must be a Red Sox fan!

  4. Love the poem.
    What a beautiful way of wording what is in my heart. Each day I pray that God walks with me through my journeys and that how I behave and believe is an extension of what God's wants from me. To be humble, to trust in the Lord,to believe, and through me, as I attempt to be what and who God wants me to be, I hope I can reach people's understanding of God's love and acting justly and considerately of others is the messege I hope to display through word and actions. I pray each day that God shows me how and what to do. And each day I thank him for being with me through both the good and difficult times. And I ask him each day to forgive me. Because I know that there are plenty of things that I say or do that forces me to reach out for His Divine forgiveness. All I can do is my best, and that is my work each day.
    Oh Ya...and God be with the Red Sox in thier time of need!
    Amen! :-)


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